Exercise the ‘self-prescribed’ ADHD medicine

The prevalence of ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in young children has been a hot topic in recent years. With ADHD diagnoses steadily increasing throughout the last decade, the question of why this is happening needs to be asked and the various treatments and supportive aids need to be considered. While the exact cause of ADHD has […]

Moving South Africa forward, faster!

Our vision for South Africa is to move forward, faster. Our focus is firmly on being of service to under resourced South African children and youth. We believe that if children meet age-appropriate development goals, they can progress faster in life. We offer services through every developmental phase, from early childhood up to young adult […]

Fun, educational ways to keep kids active inside

Wherever you live, keeping your kids active during the winter months as well as through the Covid-19 outbreak can be a challenge. Winter months, we tend to think of curling up in bed with our kids, watching movies and stuffing our faces with popcorn and Astros… Although this can be great for a Friday night […]


August is known as Women’s month in South Africa. It’s a time when we honour all women, but we particularly remember the women that marched to the Union Building on 9 August 1956 to contest the pass laws of the Apartheid regime. Their imprint on our collective psyche has brought the importance of honouring and […]

The only limits we have are those that we place on ourselves…

A while back I met Christiano. Christiano is disabled. He walks with crutches as he has no use of his lower legs. I met him while attending a phys.ed lesson at one of the schools which implements our physical education programmes. He only came to class half way through the lesson and went to sit […]

Why physical education is key to a long and healthy life.

Physical education often gets overlooked when compared to other, more academic based subjects, when in fact it is the only subject to truly engage the child’s body, mind and spirit. It offers a holistic learning experience which promotes not only physical health but contributes to the individual’s holistic well-being. One of the biggest challenges we […]

What is an outdoor learning environment?

Project Raithby encompasses an integrated sport, education, life skill and leadership development pathway for under-resourced children in Raithby and the surrounding areas. We are combining all the Forward Foundation divisions, also adding the outdoor learning environment as well as a farming component, to establish a fully encompassing development pathway. The outdoor learning environment is an […]

Patrick Van Wyk’s success story!

It is important for us at Forward Foundation to celebrate those who have walked a remarkable journey alongside us. Below is Patrick Van Wyk’s story in his own words. We applaud Patrick’s Journey thus far and are looking forward to seeing his journey unfold in the feature. … In 2008 Nigel Phillips approached me and […]

Skills Programmes

A key factor where Forward Foundation enables South Africans to move forward, faster is through training and career path development. Forward Foundation realise this through learnerships and skills programmes. The first round of training enrolled under Forward Foundation’s learnerships programme, is different skills programmes that started in March 2021 and will officially end in August […]

Forward Foundation Launch

Forward Foundation had a very successful in-person launch on the 15th of June 2021. The launch took place at the Winelands function venue, in Boschenmeer Golf Estate. In the light of doing something different our launch was rather quick and efficient from 18:00-20:00. At the launch we introduced Forward Foundation, our team, as well as […]