Leadership Development


Sport is key to the holistic development of children. The reality, however, is that schools are not equipped with the skills and resources to enable a positive sporting environment for children. The Play 4 Life Programme is a multi-facetted sport leadership development initiative focused on assisting underserved schools to develop sport programmes and competitive teams. The programme also includes sport equipment supply and maintenance.

The Play 4 Life programme was established to address the need for coaches and teachers to develop, in order for them to offer sport management, coaching, and life guidance at schools. School sport stakeholders, including headmasters, teachers, coaches, and volunteers are engaged in an ongoing leadership and coaching programme, aimed to develop the quality of school sport.

When schools enter the programme the stakeholders attend a workshop where their approach to sport management is assessed. This is followed up with 10 weeks of “Power Up” training sessions. Once training is completed, participants engage with each other to operationalise what they have learnt. Sport specific coaching resources and sport equipment is then provided to each school. Once the initial phases are completed, an ongoing support programme commences. This includes a WhatsApp peer discussion group, sport equipment maintenance and regular “Captains and Coaches” events.

Captains and Coaches events are formal gatherings of our network of Forward Foundation Ambassadors, and include many well-known sports players and personalities. The participating school stakeholders get the opportunity to meet these professional players, coaches and managers and are able to ask for advice and mentoring.

The purpose of the Play 4 Life programme is to grow and develop school sport stakeholders, to enable them to create productive and competitive school sporting environments.

Leadership Development

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