Physical Education

The ECD Kinetix Program

Early childhood development is an essential educational building block. Although much progress has been made on the development of ECD centres in the Western Cape, there is a lack of specialised developmental educational skills. Many South African children have no access to physical development education, for reasons including lack of resources, confined spaces, no equipment, and lack of teacher training in this subject.

The ECD Kinetix Programme is designed to make it easy for ECD practitioners to positively engage with the physical education of their learners. This Programme is an integrated approach to training, supporting, and enabling ECD practitioners to confidently apply Kinderkinetics methods in their own learning environments. Kinderkinetics is a science that aims to promote and optimise the neuromotoric development of young children, through physical activity.

The ECD Kinetix Programme is designed to promote the functional growth and development of children. The learning curriculum instructs ECD practitioners on age-appropriate development activities on topics such as coordination, balance, rhythm, reaction time, agility, spatial orientation, laterality, midline crossing, midline dominance, strength and postural development.

Our programme enables ECD practitioners to independently use Kinderkinetics skills to promote the physical development of the children in their care.

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Physical Education

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