Our vision for South Africa is to move forward, faster. Our focus is firmly on being of service to under resourced South African children and youth. We believe that if children meet age-appropriate development goals, they can progress faster in life. We offer services through every developmental phase, from early childhood up to young adult career establishment.

Our development services are centralised through sport and physical education. We believe a healthy body is a healthy mind and that physical wellness plays a crucial part in children’s ability to make good choices, to trust their own voice, to have the discipline to honour commitments, to be able to take on challenges, to have good relationships and to be productive citizens of our country.

Our programmes which include physical education, leadership development, sport development, learnerships and community innovation and advancement, are designed to educate, enable, support and inspire participants. We are building a community of healthy and responsible young people by creating future pathways and a supportive echo system.

Throughout all our programmes we instill a range of central development goals. These goals, or developmental objectives are seamlessly integrated throughout all the work that we do and forms the heart of our vision.

Herewith an overview on the fundamental and integrated goals we pursue in everything that we do.

Physical wellness: The importance of physical wellness and the role it plays in life success is brought to the foreground for participants.

Personal development: All our learning programmes include theoretical and practical personal development education.

Gender respect and understanding of gender-based violence: Gender equality is promoted and both male and female children and youth are sensitised towards an understanding of gender-base violence. Emphasis is placed on personal rights and societal responsibility in curbing violence.

Empowerment of women: Female children and youth are given equal opportunity and the stereotypes around male and female roles are contested and discussed in a constructive manner.

Self-management: All our programmes promote the fact that each individual should take ownership of their own lives. Through discussion and education, we strive to lead children and youth toward self-management and an understanding that they are responsible for their own success in life.

Teamwork: We promote and teach teamwork and an understanding that collective achievement is essential to societal growth.

Communication skills: Effective communication skills are developed through a range of theoretical and practical training interventions. We also promote the value of effective communication.

Relationship skills: Productive relationships are fostered, and the value of relationships are established throughout our projects, both through skills training, practical application and by example setting.

Community mindedness: Feeling part of a community and taking pride in being a member of a community is actively promoted and rewarded.

Citizenship: The concept of good citizenship is communicated and rewarded in everything we do.

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