A key factor where Forward Foundation enables South Africans to move forward, faster is through training and career path development. Forward Foundation realise this through learnerships and skills programmes.

The first round of training enrolled under Forward Foundation’s learnerships programme, is different skills programmes that started in March 2021 and will officially end in August 2021 (skills programmes usually takes place within a duration of 6 months). Public Service Sector Education & Training Authority (PSETA) (2021) defines skills programmes as “an occupation-based learning programme aimed at building skills that have economic value, and which incorporates at least one unit standard”. They also add that “it is registered by a SETA and delivered by an accredited training provider and it leads to a qualification registered on the NQF”. Currently the skills programmes enrolled through Forward Foundation involves 80 employees within the retail and wholesale sector.

Employees participating in the skills programme had a range of courses to choose from, including business management, sales supervision and stock controlling. Along with the skills obtained from the different courses, the employees developed a better understanding of their work environment. Through improving the individuals’ knowledge, it motivated each person to think about their future and personal development whilst building their self-esteem. All of the elements together, equipped each individual to build upon their potential in the industry they work in.

For this round the employees were selected from within the Caylix Group, as Caylix’s involvement in the fuel and retail industry facilitated the perfect environment to reach the ideal candidates for enrolment in the different skills programmes. This also enabled Forward Foundation to reach individuals all over South Africa, including people from Still Bay, Riversdale, Sedgefield, Strand, Piketberg, Rustenburg and the Paarl.

The different programmes were delivered by the training institution, Smart Society. Smart Society’s structured learning component, together with Caylix’s hands-on, practical learning experience, forms an integrated and comprehensive course to assist employees in gaining the necessary skills and knowledge in order to enrich their careers.

The skills programmes we implemented thus far as well as those to be implemented in the future, adds value to learners, companies and the growth of our country. Together we are moving South Africa forward, faster.

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